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Brice Dudouet, multi-instrumentalist (piano, ukulele, drums, bass ...) discovered the barrel organ in 2005. Since then, he never stops arranging, playing, manipulating this instrument while improving its musicality.


Fan of all kinds of music (progressive rock, classical music, jazz, electro, french songs...), he brings his personality and his musical influences to the barrel organ to make it a definitely modern instrument.


Since 2007, he plays a 32 flutes and reeds ODIN MECHANICAL STREET ORGAN. He arranged many French songs for the duo "Mr & Mrs CARTON" and  the original arrangement. for the musical tale " Zébrichon " (music and text by Michèle Bernard).

Since 2015, he plays a 42 ODIN MECHANICAL STREET ORGAN with 3 sets of flutes inspiring him for jazzy and percussive arrangements.

He has already made, for this organ, the arrangements for the new show called "Les Malcuits" and several special arrangements for short films and even Russia!


He likes to mix the sounds of his organ with anykind of voices and instruments. In 2009, he started to work on a series of live-videos called "Invitation CARToNS". He arranged and invited guests (musicians and singers) for a unique musical moment. 


Then, After He started to create arrangements on moderne music (Daft Punk, Stromae, …), he began to enjoy the modern tones of the street organ. ElectrOrgue was born...

Brice Dudouet

designer, arranger, notor and performer ...

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